7 steps of Blood collection tubes Manufacturing Process

  • Cap and stopper process
  • Labeling process
  • Dosing process
  • Capping process
  • Centrifuge process
  • Shrink packaging process
  • Final Packaging process

Cap and stopper Combination

The 1st step in blood collection tube manufacturing process is combining rubber stopper cap and the plastic stopper cap using cap combination machine.

There are two ways of cap combination in production lines. One is up-press cap, the other one is push-down cap showing in the picture.

red top tube and blue top tube production line
2 ways of capping


2nd step in the production line step is labelling. Using a labelling machine can efficiently apply stickers or labels on the products like containers, tubes, bottles and etc.

blood collection tube labeling process in production line


Using an automated system to feed the equipment with the products which contain liquid.


Using capping machines to apply caps on the tubes.


Using centrifuge machines to cause denser substances and particles to move outwards in a radial position. This can help additives spread on the tube evenly. ( See video above)

Shrink Packaging

Using a heated air system to shrink a tray of blood collection tubes. Sometimes, we will use Aluminum plastic packaging to well protect the tubes.

shrinking packaging in blood collection tubes manufacturing process
Shrinking packaging

Final Packaging

Carton packaging and storage.

packaging process in blood collection tubes production lines