PET Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

PET Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

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  • Additive: Negotiate
  • Suction Volume: 2ml – 10ml
  • Material: PET
  • Tube Size: 13*75mm; 13*100mm; 16*100mm
  • Applications: blood collection for the test such as blood sugar, sugar tolerance, erythrocyte electrophoresis,anti-alkali hemoglobin and lactate. 

Product Description:

KS Non-Vacuum Blood Collection Tube is made from medical grade PP material, consist of coloured caps, PP tubes and various additives.

Additives options: Plain, EDTA, Serum, SST, Heparin, PT, ESR, Glucose.

Compare to the vacuum tube, it offers an affordable solution for blood collecting and testing in clinics and hospitals.

Features: economic cost; simple operation; leakproof; efficient additives.

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