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Micro- tainer

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  • Additive: Lithium/Heparin/EDTA K2 
  • Suction Volume: 0.25ml/0.5ml/1ml
  • Material: Glass/PET
  • Tube Size:13*75mm; 13*100mm; 16*100mm
  • Applications: blood serum biochemistry, immunology and drug testing, etc. 

Product Description:

KS micro trainers are targeted for ease of use, ensuring to collect quality capillary blood samples.

KS micro tainers are used to collect, transport and store skin puncture blood specimens for haematology tests, or for tests utilizing serum or heparinized plasma.

They are unbreakable plastic tubes with colour-coded caps. The tube contains different concentrations of additives, depending on the filling volume and the ratio of additives to blood required by the tube.

The choice of additives depends on the analytical test method and is specified by requirements.

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