Glucose Tube glucose blood collection tube

Glucose Tube

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  • Cap Color: Grey
  • Additive: Sodium Fluoride/Heparin
  • Suction Volume: 2ml – 5ml
  • Material: Glass/PET
  • Tube Size: 13*75mm; 13*100mm; 16*100mm
  • Applications: blood collection for the test like blood sugar, sugar tolerance, erythrocyte electrophoresis, etc.

Product Description:

Glucose tube provides opportunity for the test such as blood sugar, sugar tolerance, anti-alkali haemoglobin, erythrocyte electrophoresis,and lactate.

The added Sodium Fluoride effectively prevents the metabolism of blood sugar and Sodium Heparin successfully solves the hemolysis. 

Therefore, the original status of blood will last for long time and guarantee stable testing data of blood sugar within 72 hours. 

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