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ESR Tube

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  • Cap Color: Black
  • Additive: 3.8% Sodium Citrate
  • Suction Volume: 1.6ml, 2ml, 3ml
  • Material: Glass/PET
  • Tube Size: 13*75mm, 8*120mm
  • Applications: blood collection and anticoagulation for Automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzers sedimentation rate test 

Product Description:

ESR Tube is specially used in blood collection and anticoagulation for Automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzers sedimentation rate test with the mixing ratio of sodium citrate and blood is 1:4. Due to little volume and negative pressure inside the tube, it needs some time for blood collection. Wait until blood stops owing into the tube. Then completely mix the anticoagulation and additiveby turning the tube upside down for 6-8 times, Inappropriate mixing will cause hemolysis, coagulation or blood bubble and inuence the test result.

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