7 Factors Affect the Prices of Blood Collection Tubes

  1. As a vacutainer manufacturer, the basic cost is raw material cost. Blood collection tubes are made of cap, tube, additive, label and label. Different types of caps have diverse production processes, which affects the price. Different additives from various channels are of distinctive quality and effectiveness. KS Medical use additives from Japan. Its physical and chemical properties are stable, high temperature and radiation resistance are strong, and it can effectively avoid the decomposition and denaturation of the separation gel during storage and transportation. The quality of the tubes is also playing a crucial role in the quality of blood collection tubes. Currently, KS Medical uses high-level quality PET tubes and Glass tubes to meet customers’ needs. Furthermore, Labels are mainly divided into two types, one is the paper labels and another is the plastic labels. They also cost differently.
blood collection tubes plastic label vs blood collection tubes paper label

2. The second cost of producing blood collection tubes appears in the production line. In the production of vacutainers, the cost is related to machines. Using cap combination machine to combine cap and stopper, using a labelling machine to efficiently apply labels, dosing, capping, using centrifuge machines to cause denser substances and particles to move outwards in a radial position, using a heated air system to shrink a tray of blood collection tubes are all machinery costs.

blood collection tube production line - KS medical

3. Thirdly, labour costs are inestimable. Different types of blood collection tubes including microtainers are in the diverse manufacturing processes. For example, producing microtrainers takes much more manual time than producing sodium citrate tubes. Hence, the labour cost also influences the price of blood collection tubes.

4. Special requirements like sterilization and suction volumes also affect the prices.

5. Packaging like shrinking, normal carton packaging or aluminium plastic packaging cost differently. Plastic shrinking is a basic and normal operation. According to customers’ needs, cartons of different quality and patterns are used in packaging blood collection tubes. Aluminium plastic packaging is popular in recent demands. This can better protect vacutainers during the long shipping process.

6. Shipping cost is a big concern in today’s international business. No matter shipping by air or by sea, it is hard to find a shipping position for the goods. Meanwhile, the prices for shipping by air and sea are increasing rapidly during the pandemic time. Hence, the shipping cost is adding the cost of blood collection tubes for buyers.

7. Custom cost including preparing transportation identification documents for vacutainers, custom declaration fee, customs clearance fee and etc.

Therefore, we can see the prices of blood collection tubes are mainly affected by these 7 elements. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.